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M3 Analyse how evaluating a business event informs future planning. Identify different methods of evaluation, e.g. questionnaires for delegates or a debriefing session, explaining how they contribute to identifying problems and providing solutions for future events. What is evaluating? Evaluation is an assessment of something or making an observation of the outcome whether good or bad. An example of evaluating is after the Year 8 disco, was the year 8 pupil’s filing out an evaluation form on how they thought the event went. There are many different ways to evaluate such as minutes of meeting, questionnaires, post-event papers and circulation list. Minutes of meeting Meetings normally have formal minutes attached to them or they have…show more content…
For example as the event manager I would inform my deputy manager when they need to go into the Year 8 assembly to inform them what is happening, when it is happening and to give them the information needed to them about the event. If we did not do this then everyone would be confused on what they had to do to prepare for the event, and also everything that needed to be taken care of so that event was a success was done. Questionnaires A questionnaire is research which involves a number of different questions to gather information from the people who are filling it in. Questionnaires are designed as a way to find out what people are thinking. An advantage of questionnaires is that it is very practical because it is quick to collect information from the people filling out the questionnaire. Another advantage of questionnaires is that the same questions is asked to everyone filling the questionnaire out so easy to sum up. The final advantage to questionnaires is that large information can be collected. There are also some disadvantages to questionnaires which is that there is no way of telling how much though someone who is filling the questionnaire out has put it. Another disadvantage is that the person filling it out may forget what has happened to fill it out so it won’t be reliable. The final disadvantage to questionnaires is that there is no way to tell how truthful a respondent is being. As a way of

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