Btec Business Unit 4 Communication P7 Essay

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P7 ‘Madness in the Method’ It is very important in business that individuals have lucrative methods of communication in order to convey important messages, and use these methods in order to interact with other businesses and the public. Methods of communication can also be commonly used to advertise and market, for example via the use of social networks which advertise to a wide range of individual, to through written posters which can be placed up in shop advertisements and on notice boards alike. Electronic Methods of communication Electronic methods of communication refer to more modern communication, which can be performed through a variety of more modern devices, such as Computers (and laptops), Telephone/mobile phones,…show more content…
People in businesses might also use this method by means of communication with a large group of colleagues, e.g. they could arrange an event via Facebook or Twitter, which is much quicker than merely putting a poster up on a notice board at work to advertise the event. Digital Publication Digital publication is defined as any method of publication, which is not web based. This is essentially electronic publication that can be used to convey information to people. Examples of digital publication includes PowerPoint’s (which can be easily set up on a word document such as Microsoft PowerPoint, and are accessible to everyone) SMS or Text Messages, Photo and Video Sharing. PowerPoint’s are widely used at Schools and Businesses during lectures in order to teach other people. The interactive method of teaching engages people, as it makes the speech accompanied with the PowerPoint more motivating. SMS Text messages in a business environment are quick and easy to use, and allow colleagues to talk to each other in a more informal way. Photo and video sharing is a very beneficial method of communicating messages. Photos and videos can be used to accompany presentations, or can be used in order to illustrate messages on behalf of a company, etc. Fax In simple terms ‘faxing’ is the process by which a document is sent to another fax machine

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