Btec Higher National Diploma in Business Unit 01: Organisation and Behaviour

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BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Unit 01: Organisation and Behaviour Name: Rahenara Begum Task 1: Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture What is organisation behaviour? The impact that individuals groups and structure have on behavior within organisation effectiveness is known as Organizational behavior. Understanding the principles of the organisational behavior enables an understanding of how to relate to other members of the organisation. In a competitive environment organisations have to change and adapt,. Its effectiveness depends on the motivation and behavior of the work force. An organisations performance and capabilities depends on having appropriate incentives. Company background- Tesco…show more content…
Diagram of a Geographical Structure Define what culture is The culture is made up from the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, and customs, express or implied contracts, written and unwritten rules that the organisation develops over time. Some companies have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels, while others have a more traditional and formal management style. For example, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s have been trading for quiet a long time, but their organisational cultures differ tremendously from one another. At Waitrose employees are Partners, which means they are all owners of the business and share in its success. This gives a far more importance to its staff than Sainsbury’s which it s look on staff is not of a partner hence their team members on ground lever work different to Waitrose. It gives staff more confidence and responsibility as well as respect towards the organisation and how it treats its customers. Sainsbury’s does not work in the same as Waitrose hence has a completely different culture. Power Culture Power cultures are usually found within a small or medium size organisation. Decisions in an organisation that display a power culture are centralised around one key individual. In a Power Cultured setting the organisation can react quickly to dangers around it as no consultation is involved. However this

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