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Task 1 1.1 Organisations can be classified in terms of their business purpose, ‘for profit’ or ‘not for profit’ organisations. Organisations that seek to make a profit are mainly private sector businesses which provide goods/services and must make a profit to survive. They can break even or even make a loss for a very short time or they will cease to exist. The main structure of profit seeking organisations includes: 1. SOLE TRADER. Business owned by a single person, bearing full responsibility of financing and the burden of any debts of the business. The purpose of its existence is to sell goods/services with a view to make a profit out of the transaction. 2. PARTNERSHIPS. Business owned by two or more people. The purpose of a…show more content…
Health and well being of employees is one of their ‘core values’ too and is met by providing occupational health management. COMMUNITIES Communities expect Anglo American to be socially responsible and look after the community it operates in. It expects local employment in Anglo American. To a large extent, Anglo American has fulfilled this objective. It has created jobs through enterprise support schemes in the countries it operates in. A percentage of Anglo American’s pre-tax profit is spent on social investment projects with the aim of helping to ‘alleviate poverty, promote health and education, and foster community development’ ( $128.6 million was spent on local communities in 2011. Anglo American Group Foundation distributes grants to charities in the host countries to ‘develop sustainable livelihoods through the projects it supports’ ( A wide range of causes is supported by the foundation. GOVERNMENT BODIES Governments expect prompt payment of taxes from Anglo American. They would like to receive as much as possible from them. Anglo American is fulfilling this objective. It paid and collected $5 billion in tax in 2011. These include payroll taxes and VAT as well as corporation tax. It pays tax in many countries, 77% of which in developing countries. BUSINESS PARTNERS Suppliers expect a long contract with Anglo American. Anglo American seeks a safe and healthy working
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