Btec In Security Management : Assignment Unit 2 : Security Department Management

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BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Security Management Assignment Unit 2: Security department management 1. Understanding the role and skills required by security managers 1.1 Explain the role of security manager the role of a security manager brings many challenges from different environments and sectors, though there roles are different they still share the same goals and principals which is to initiate safe secure conditions within the territory and avert, discourage plus identify likely forceful invasion. So common rules and instructions are devised for everyone to follow to combat against and prevent an unforeseen potential threat. the security managers responsibilities is to command a team to guarantee the safe guard of assets and…show more content…
The supportive style is a appreciative leadership style which the manager shows concern and willingness to hear the employee 's thoughts and feelings. It 's about giving the employee more freedom to go about his duties but to be there to give direction and instructions when required. Utilising these combinations correctly can lead to long term success because the employee will be able to be the best they can be by attaining self determination, self - identity, fulfillment and honor. Finally the leadership style when implemented gives more authority and leadership to the employees in turn granting them superiority. A great manager makes a effort with his employees to persist seeable and approachable. By acquiring and displaying leadership they set a example to employees to increase there work ability and capability to the full and meet company targets. Understand the financial control aspects of the management role 2.1 Explain how to present a commercial case for budget spend Annual goals linked closely with costs are recognised and placed in a department budget. The margin of profit target, this will allow the business owner and investors a return on there profit. Approvals from the board which is the same as personal finance, insuring that the owner regularly keeps to date and account of his budget performance and protect the

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