Btec In Security Management : Assignment Unit 2 : Security Department Management

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BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Security Management

Assignment Unit 2: Security department management

1. Understanding the role and skills required by security managers

1.1 Explain the role of security manager

the role of a security manager brings many challenges from different environments and sectors, though there roles are different they still share the same goals and principals which is to initiate safe secure conditions within the territory and avert, discourage plus identify likely forceful invasion. So common rules and instructions are devised for everyone to follow to combat against and prevent an unforeseen potential threat. the security managers responsibilities is to command a team to guarantee the safe guard of assets and people, also setting up patrol checkpoints, controls of first point of contact and examine wary proceedings. They preserve and revise the goods loss and prevention and plan, construct and implant key controls on equipment 's and access points, assess incidents and dictate the best path of action as well as locate security breaches, position and fix fire alarms, record and report incidents, cctv installation, sustain and handle emergency training plus information security training procedures.

1.2 Identify and explain the different management styles and approaches

The different styles of management can have great benefit if utilised correctly to stimulate motivate and influence members of staff. so it 's up to you to decide which managerial…

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