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Unit 2: Business Resources – Assessment activity front sheet This front sheet must be completed by the learner (where appropriate and included with the work submitted for assessment Learner name: | Assessor name: | Date Issued: | Hand in date: | Date submitted: | Qualification :BTEC Level 3 National Business | Unit 2 – Assignment 1Business Consultancy | Criteria Reference | To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: | Taskno | CriteriaAchieved | Date | P1 | describe the recruitment documentation used ina selected organisation | 1 | | | P2 | describe the main employability, personal andcommunication skills required when applying for a specific job role | 2a,b | | | P3 | describe the…show more content…
* Retention – what steps businesses take to ensure that they retain good staff b) Within your report include a description and samples of the documents used This task addresses P1 Draft hand in date 17th October 2010 Task 2 Your Manager would also like you to assist in investigating the main employability, personal and communication skills required for specific job roles. a) Select a job role you would like to apply for in an organisation in order to help you to prepare the information requested by the human resources manager. b) Examine the job description and application form and list in a memo to your tutor, the following skills required for your selected job role: i employability skills ii personal skills iii communication skills Also, describe, in the memo how your own employability, personal and communication skills, now and as a results of successfully completing your course, match the selected job role. This task addresses P2 Draft hand in date 12th November 2010 C) Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in the organisation (When assessing you will need to think about how the skills are important but also when they might be less important in the business context that you are studying)

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