Btec Level 3 Business Unit 1 P1, P2, M1, D1

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Stakeholder: | Description: | Interest in DFS Furniture: | Interest in The University of Nottingham: | Consumer: | A consumer is an individual/organisation who buys a good/service for their personal use. They are a key stakeholder in some business’ as they are the primary source of their revenue. | A consumer would be interested in DFS, as they want them to produce high-quality, value-for-money products and the after-sales service in order to make any future sales. As they are the purchaser of the good, the business is essentially interested in the needs of the consumer. They can have a huge impact on the business as if they receive a poor quality product it would lead to any future sales being lost. This is vital as like every…show more content…
| Shareholders, have a particular interest in DFS as they are a public company, they will be watching the growth of the company. This is because they have bought shares within the company. They will also be watching the operations of DFS, in order to see if it is efficient. As DFS, has grown over the years, shareholders who may have bought shares at cheaper rates, will be watching for the right time to sell the share. As a shareholder, they can direct the objectives as they can vote the board of directors. This could have a positive reflect on the company as it’s being run by the owners accountable and fair. | Shareholders, would have a particular interest in The University of Nottingham because they are a private company, they will be focused on the success of the University in the Results they provide. They have a particular interest in the quality of teaching for this instance and they want the students to succeed. They can impact a business hugely as they can stop investing which could lead the a decline in development which will see the business struggle to survive. | Trade Union’s: | A trade union is an organisation that employees can join, where their rights and interests are discussed and protected. A trade

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