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P4,M1–Anatomy and physiology by Sushoma Nahar Syed

My two chosen systems I will be writing about is the cardiovascular system and Digestive system.

(P4) the digestion system
The digestive system is also known as the alimentary canal from the mouth to the anus.
Digestion is a process in which insoluble food is broken down into particles which are made into soluble particles enough to be absorbed and to be used by the body and into the bloodstream. These soluble particles are major macronutrients made up of protein, carbohydrates and fats which are needed for essential maintenance for the functioning of the human body. Nutrients are found in foods- proteins are found in red meat/poultry; sources of carbohydrates include
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The digestion of the stomach wall is disallowed by its mucus lining. The food in the stomach takes about three to four hours in the stomach before the semi liquid chyme is passed through the pyloric sphincter bit by bit into the small intestines.

The control of gastric secretions happens when the secretion of the gastric juice by the stomach is stimulated by both of the nerves and the hormones. There are three phases in which this happens; * The nervous phase = this is where the presence of the food within the mouth and the action of swallowing resulted in the reflex stimulation of the mucus cells so that the gastric juice can be released. * Endocrinal phase = this is where the presence of the food especially protein is found in the stomach which them stimulates the release of a special type of hormone from the mucous cells called gastrin into the blood. * Mechanical phase = this is where the secretion of the gastric juice also happens in the response to distension of the stomach by food.

The small intestine is where the completion of the digestion and absorption of nutrients happens. The small intestine is highly adapted for the absorption; villi and microvilli. The small intestine is the main site for lipid digestion. The pancreas secretes lipases which are special enzymes that digest fats after they have been mixed with bile.

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