Btec Lever 3 in Customer Service Essay

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UNIT1 1.1 Explain how different methods of promoting products and/or services impact on customer service delivery Selling to consumers or other businesses, developing an effective sales strategy is the first step to persuading customers to part with their money. In particular, we need to identify which customers to focus the efforts on, the sales methods that will be use to reach them and how we will price the product or service. It is essential to plan carefully how to approach and make the pitch to customers. Careful preparation can help to demonstrate how the product will benefit the customer, handle any objections and close the sale. Personal recommendations can be one of the most effective forms of publicity. This is why we must…show more content…
Simple forms of advertising can be highly effective, low cost or even free. These might include simply getting a sign painted on your van, putting a card up in your local newsagent's window, creating a Facebook fan page or starting a Twitter feed. Often meeting with potential customers is often the most effective way to promote the business. Networking can also generate sales. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising - but it is earned, not paid for. Satisfied customers can be the best advocates, which is why customers’ needs should be satisfied every time. Much will depend on the quality of the products or services. How we deal with customer enquiries or complaints can be just as important. Promoting any business involves some trial and error. This is why we need to put in place a system for measuring the success of the marketing methods, which could be as simple as asking each new customer how they heard of you or including a promotion code for specific campaigns. 1.2 Explain who should be involved in the organisation of customer service delivery All ought all employees should be involved in best customer service delivery possible there should be place for executive service leaders and managers within the organisation. A person who successfully creates a customer-focused culture would have a huge impact on business success through employee retention and customer loyalty. 1.3 Explain the importance of differentiating between customers' wants, needs
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