Btec Unit 2 - Computer System Assignmnet 1

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Computer: We are living in the age of modern science. We can see the creation and invention of science all around us. From morning till we go to bed at night we use the invention of science. Computer is one of the greatest and valuable invention of modern science. The word “Computer” came from the Latin word “computatrum”. Basically, computer is an electronic device which has the capability of receiving command and turning the command into result. Computer has also the capability to manipulate, save and retrieve data or information. A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions (software) stored in its own memory unit, that can accept data (input), manipulate data (process), and produce information…show more content…
After computer system completes their work the thing we have asked for are given through the devices which we call output devices. For example: Monitor, Printer, Projectors, Headphones etc.
Storage: Storage is the functional area where all the data, information, documents and programs are saved permanently and can be retrieved later. There are lots of storage devices. For example: Internal Hard disk, Pendrive, Floppy disk etc.
Here is a block diagram how data flow around a personal computer system:

Presently there are three types of computer system. Those are: Analog computer, Digital computer and Hybrid computer.

Analog computer: Analog computers are very old type of computer systems. Analog computers work totally in a different way than other type of computer systems. All the works and operations are performed laterally in an analog computer. It solves problem by using physical phenomena like hydraulic, mechanical and electrical quantities. The output result in an analog computer is represented as voltages. Analog computers are used for solving complicated mathematical formulas. To solve equations it takes a quite long time and also the result it gives are not totally accurate. In some world class universities analog computers are still used for study purposes and some of analog
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