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During college, I also had an opportunity to shadow a group of medical professionals on a summer medical relief trip to Peru. On the trip, I realized life was so much bigger than my self-contained bubble of worries and concerns. Students from The University of Illinois’ Christian healthcare association aided a team composed of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists to run free clinics in Peru. I experienced first-hand how powerful it was when different health professionals worked together towards a common goal. My initial wonderment of the mountainous landscape was quickly put aside overshadowed after I realized the team did not have the resources to meet the needs of the large mass of local Quechua people that had gathered at our clinic. It was heartbreaking to witness problems that were otherwise so easily treatable in America. As resources dwindled, I noticed a therapist who was teaching proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries. He noted the prevalence of lower back pain largely due to the heavy labor a majority of the local men did for a living. This was significant as the physical therapist not only treated the symptoms, but rather empowered the local people to better themselves daily. I witnessed people being inspired to care…show more content…
In college I was a bible study leader for a college ministry. When I graduated and was applying for school I worked with the youth in Chicago, organized vacation bible school of my home church, and monthly pack food with World Vision. Now, in grad school I many not serve the same way I did when I was younger and had more time but I never want to stop investing and responding to all the blessing I’ve received. I monthly talk to and financially support staff member of InterVarsity a Christian fellowship at the university of Illinois. With thousands of international students my hope is that I can in a small way be involved in the place that changed my life and grew me so
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