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Homework #1
Process Analysis and Capacity Management
BUAD311- Operations Management
Fall 2013

Due 8:00 am on September 16

Homework 1 has a maximum of 50 points. There are 4 questions. Students can discuss homework questions with each other, with TAs, or with the instructor, provided that the actual work is done individually.

Homework assignments are accepted only via Blackboard Turnitin, and I expect most students to use Word. Once your work is complete, upload your file(s) and click on “Submit”.

You will get a confirmation email after submission and you can view the file you submitted. If you do not get the confirmation, the submission is not successful. As long as you receive the confirmation email, I will be able to see your
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(e) Compute the throughput time for the first applicant.

(f) Assume that one applicant comes every 6 minutes; compute the throughput rate and utilization of each worker.

(g) (3 points) Is the allocation of tasks in (II) better than that in (I), from the point of view of the department manager? From the point of view of an applicant? Explain why or why not.

3. (15 points) Wells Fargo has adopted lean philosophy for its document management team that provides paper imaging, electronic document routing, data lifting, and document storage services to the Home and Consumer Finance division. One function area of the document management team is paper imaging, which enables Wells Fargo to store information electronically. When loan documents arrive, the papers are first prepared, then scanned, then sent to validation. If everything is correct, the packages are reconstructed and then loaded to cart for off-site; if mistakes are found during validation, the packages are sent back to the preparation stage to start all over again. For each loan document, the preparation activity takes 277 seconds, while the scan, the validation, and the reconstruction each takes 55 seconds. 5 employees are assigned to the preparation activity, while 1 employee is assigned to the other three activities.

a. Draw the process flowchart diagram for Wells Fargo’s paper imaging process.

b. Assume that all the documents

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