Bubba Gump

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Company- Q1. What are Bubba Gumps’ ‘Key success factors’ when going international? The overall concept for the restaurant chain is definitely one which is suitable for international roll out. The factors which are necessary for going global are definitely evident for the company and its concept. Firstly, the brand awareness is well established, well enough to support the international introduction of the products into new markets. It is already obvious that the success of the service offerings of nine restaurants in five countries outside of the US would highlight the mass of its appeal. The Film was a worldwide hit and the relationship between the restaurant and the film mean that the brand is instantly recognisable…show more content…
Looking closer at the market is a must for Bubba Gump but as echoed in the above paragraphs it is clearly not a ludicrous idea for them to internationalize further. Looking at the success of the service in the countries other than America is a clear indication of the fact that it’s a product which is suitable for a world stage. Q3. Over the next five years, Bubba Gump Shrimp plans to open 35-50 new restaurants. What should be the main criteria for selecting these new locations? As Stated above, one of the most important endeavours would be to search and research the viability of the venture. Marketing Research would answer the questions which need to be addressed. In regards to selecting these new locations, Europe would definitely be an obvious consideration. Looking at the European marketplaces perhaps it would be a good idea to look at the competition. The Porters Five Forces Model (1979): Analysis of all this criteria would allow sufficient decision-making and research to commence before final decision is made. The endowment of resources in each market needs to be specifically analysed in order to assess the suitability. As seen in the case study a very specific and friendly workforce is needed for the long term survival of the restaurant. The absence of physical resources such as fresh seafood on inland countries might mean that the restaurant is only suited to
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