Buby Tubby Research Paper

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Caleb- not a hard name to pronounce for grown-ups. Multisyllable words, however, can be difficult for little kids. The best my joyful, hyperactive, toddler self could do was “Bub,” so I was called Bub. As I grew bigger, so did my tummy. One might have called me, with my rotund frame, fat. However, my family preferred the adjective “tubby”. I soon became known as “Tubby Bubby”due to my family’s disposition towards rhyming. An alternate nickname of “Bubber” was given to me by Coach Cordova, my fifth grade football coach, due to the high concentration of whale-like tissue on my body. As I got older and became more involved in football, my blubber went away, but my nicknames stayed. As fate would have it, Coach Cordova ended up being my coach senior
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