Buchi Emecheta Themes

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Buchi Emecheta is one of the African writers who tremendously portrayed the issues that are related to mainstream African women’s experience. Many of his poems throw light on the plight of women in African cultures and she uses characterisation and theme as tools to develop her heroines. The scarcity of female novelists stands as a reason for the male writers and critics of African literature to lack the feminine point of view for over a long period of time. In every parts of the world, the institution of marriage is being practiced and it plays an important role in traditional African society. Even today in many literatures, especially in African literature, women are being represented largely within the traditional milieu. In some African…show more content…
One of the recurrent themes that expose mothers as oppressors of their own sex is that of male preference and subjugation of the girl child to psychological torture. Ma Blackie, Aku-nna’s mother, has some money and with the help of that money she sends her children to school. Aku-nna is thin and beautiful and she attracts many young men in Ibuza, albeit, she has not yet started to menstruate. Aku-nna’s new father begins to prepare for large bride price. Meanwhile, Aku-nna falls in love with her teacher, Chike Ofulue, who is the descendant of slaves (Osu). When Aku-nna begins menstruating, the sign is that she is old enough to get married. Many young men come to court her and Okonkwo receives considerable offers. One night when she and some girls of her age-group are practicing a dance for the upcoming Christmas celebration, some men burst in and kidnap her. After facing series of miseries Aku-nna eloped with Chike Ofulue. Okonkwo’s dream is that he wants her step-daughter to be Obi (the chief). Unfortunately she broken his father’s dream and her father did not receive any bride price from Chike. As life goes on, Aku-nna gives birth to a child and dies. The story ends unhappily and Emecheta signified these issues and leaves it up to the reader to resolve on whether or not there are solutions. Gariagan Gift, in one of her interviews afore said that “Until women stop dissenting each other,…show more content…
Usually for the further descendants of the groom’s family, the bride and groom marry and their duty is to procreate. In African custom of marriage, the groom has to pay in terms of money or properties to the bride’s family. In Africa, bride price is one of the widely practiced social customs of Africa within the marriage institution wherein the prospective groom has to pay in terms of money or properties to the bride’s family. Bride price is paid commonly in the form of money however, other items such as “cowries”, “yams”, “farmlands”, “palm wines” animals like “goats”, “cows” etc. are also given. The bride dies in childbirth, if the bride price is not paid and it is commonly believed by all the people of Africa no matter how modern the society has become. Male writers emerged from African by glorifying women and present them with recognition and self-respect. As for instance Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, the protagonist Okonkwo seeks comfort and spends the seven years exile in his mother’s native village Mbanta. The novel explains that in African society the Earth is considered as a “mother’ and also portrays the tradition to pacify the Earth Goddess. Such representation of women as Goddess and Mothers are reflected in the writings of African women. Being a writer of male dominated society Buchi Emecheta writes about the difficult situation of African women in
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