Buckingham Palace: District 6

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Topic 1: “The characters of Buckingham Palace; District 6 are not admirable, they are thieves, liars and prostitutes.” Keeping in mind the term relative morality, discuss how we can conclude, that after reading this novel, that people cannot be viewed so superficially. When the characters of District 6 are analysed superficially they are not admirable. Mary is a prostitute; Zoot has a criminal record and beats people up. And Mrs Knight goes to church every Sunday and is happily married with 3 children. If you judge these people superficially, you would think Mrs Knight would be the optimum person you could trust to go to in this community if you had a crisis. However once you get to know these characters you realise that Mrs Knight…show more content…
She is profoundly a good person because she continuously and without fail stands up for and supports her community. She let strange woman come to stay with her after they were kicked out of their homes by their family or left because they were being a abused. She became their new family and they chose to stay and work with her. Mary respects others, even if they are rude and disrespectful to her. This is shown when faith is molested by Elvis and comes to Mary for help; “Come inside, my child. No-one’s going to hurt you now.”, “Mary would not allow her to speak until her parents came hurrying in” Mary respects that Mrs Knight is Faiths mother and she should hear what happened before she does. But still helps faith and comforts her. Isn’t that loyalty and kindness worth more than the manner in which you get your income.
Mrs Knight seems like the ideal mother and wife. She goes to church every Sunday, has a respected and religious husband and she is a stay-at-home mother. However she is very judgemental and rude. This is proven when Mary wants to help fundraise for the church in the bazaar, but the delegation, because of Mrs Knight will not let them. Mrs Knight says that “The church could do without the likes of them and their madam, Mary Brown. She refused to call her Mrs Mary knight since people might think

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