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Buckle Up!

The main ideas I will be addressing in this paper are safety, civil liberties, and financial issues of seat belt laws. I am a strong supporter of wearing seatbelts. I think that seat belts save lives but to make it a law does conflict with civil liberties. Do the lives seatbelt save out weight the freedoms it takes? I do not believe you can switch human rights for human life. “Primary enforcement seat belt laws remain the best way to raise and maintain high seat belt use rates laws increase the use of seat belts." ( NTSB - Testimony. (n.d.). Retrieved from ) Seat belts do save lives. Seatbelts are the number one defense against motor vehicle injuries and
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The analysis suggests that belt use among fatality injured occupants was at least 15 percent higher in states with primary enforcement laws (Brian Tilton N. Sutton, NH April 20, 2009 Testimony to Senate ... (n.d.). Retrieved from" People get arrested for not wearing a seatbelt. Wearing a seat belt is something everyone should do but to made to and risk incarceration, for it does violate civil liberties’. No one can construct a price tag on civil rights not even human life. A lot of people fought to earn these rights for us. If we start trading away rights for safety with no choice, where will it end? It is a choice to wear a seatbelt even if it is against the law. It is my choice to decide if I want to try to protect my life or not. In 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Atwater v. City of Lago Vista that police can arrest you for not wearing a seat belt Indiana State Police conducted a blitz just before St. Patrick's Day. There were 267 arrests, 33 of them for not wearing a seat belt ( Brian Tilton N. Sutton, NH April 20, 2009
Testimony to Senate ... (n.d.). Retrieved from Someone arrested for a violation whose punishment is only a fine; it opens the door for police to

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