Buckley's Facebook Is Wrong

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Northeast BMW prides themselves on the principle of “treating [their] employees and customers the way they want to be treated” (Lopiano & Watson 2). However, this principle is not reciprocated when Brett Buckley, a Northeast BMW salesperson for roughly 12 years, decides to misuse social media. One of the few reasonable explanation why Buckley would post two sarcastic and mocking posts against the Northeast BMW and Northeast Land Rover dealership is because he honestly thought, the information posted on his personal Facebook was private. According to the text, “it was his Facebook page and that what he posted to it was none of Thompson's or any other manager’s business” (Lopiano & Watson 1). In other words, he thought his personal Facebook had…show more content…
But, in reality, Buckley’s action was certainly wrong. Besides the fact his deriding actions embarrassed the organization, it defamed the business as well. In other words, due to both of the mocking Facebook posts, Northeast BMW’s and Northeast Land Rover’s reputation was now damaged. Apart from insulting the BMW dealer, Buckley insulted a customer. Thus destroying their customer service, any and all customer loyalty, and the company’s integrity. Had Buckley’s Facebook been more restrictive, his actions would still not be justified. This is because the same level of damage would have incurred whether or not Buckley’s privacy settings were altered. Buckley has 99 Facebook “friends”, which indicates there are 99 potential customers. Hence, bashing both organizations damages the company's name. Furthermore, these actions violated three of the four employee handbook rules, bad attitude, courtesy, and outside inquiries concerning employees. Buckley's posts were not displaying a positive attitude, they were disrespectful to customers and they disclosed personal employee
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