Bucknell's Fairness Experiment

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Another experiment that I researched on that has been done at Bucknell is the fairness experiment. This experiment seems to be fairly common as I saw various people and sites talking about it and the results. For this experiment done on capuchin monkeys, they are trained to return a rock to the scientist to gain a reward, which is this case is a piece of cucumber. Then, the other monkey who does the same task is rewarded with a grape, a much better reward to the monkeys. The monkey who only received the cucumber responds significantly to what he has seen and gets very angry. He starts to pound on the walls of the cage, demanding that he also gets the same reward. After not receiving a grape the monkey will throw his food back at the researcher…show more content…
From the job shadow, I learned a lot about the lab at Bucknell in general. I also got to learn plenty about all of the various types of monkeys that they house there. It was also a very cool experience to just get to see the monkeys up close and how they interact with each other and humans around. It was also good for me to see the whole job experience from somebody who works with the monkeys all day, from the feeding to anything such as the cleaning. Also, I did get to learn some form the experimental side of things when doing the job shadow because Gretchen did know a respectable amount from what she has seen previously. From the research, I also learned a lot that I didn’t know about monkeys. A learned some basic information about how the different types of monkeys act. Mainly though, for the research, I learned a lot about the specifics behind some of the experiments that have been conducted. I learned plenty about their cognitive skills and ability to complete certain tasks. Also, I got to see the comparison between intact and ACC-lesioned monkeys in the tests that were conducted. Finally, I got learn about how monkeys have some reactions that can be very similar to humans like in the way they respond to being treated unfairly. So, I learned a lot from this project while also having a blast while doing
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