Buckner Building Research Paper

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Haylee Howarth English 111 Andrea Anderson October 1, 2016 Buckner Building: An eerie building Traveling to the Buckner building is a journey all on its own. Starting out by driving through that 2-and-a-half-mile-long tunnel, the one carved into a mountain. Your heart will be pounding a little bit faster. Signs warning you of possible avalanches. As you are exiting the tunnel, entering into Whittier all your eyes can focus on is the massive concreate building in shambles, known as the Buckner Building, standing in back of the town like the ghost of an old warrior. Its lack of attention to the building is truly what will catch your eye. The looks of this building are defiantly eerie, but stepping into the building was nothing short of uncomfortable. From the wind…show more content…
As one older gentleman tells the history of the building and what the military did, he shared his stories with such passion and conviction. He knew that building like the back of his hand. He knew every fact about it. Yet, his lady friend (Bethany) had focused much more on the spookiness of the building. It wasn't the walking around the building, it wasn't even the broken glass or vandalized walls that makes you think twice about entering. It’s the pure feeling of eeriness, you can just feel that you are not alone. You walk in and your skin simply crawls. Bethany sat and shared stories of loud thumps she hears time to time in the night to the phantom noises throughout the town that you simply can’t ignore. She says: “one of the ghosts who occupies the Buckner Building is apparently fond of whistling, and another has a particularly heavy step”. Her gentleman friend just giggled and went back to reading the newspaper. Bethany stated "there are memories she won't even share simply because they're too scary”. As Bethany poured me another cup of coffee she whispered “mostly, though, all the ghosts are
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