Buckner Child Protection

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In today’s society more and more children are experiencing the brokenness that comes alongside living in an abusive home. Child abuse has progressively become a widespread problem in the United States. Every day approximately five children die at the hands of an abuser, and every year more than three million reports of child abuse are made (Eads 2). The government has a system to assist those suffering from abuse, but with all the lacking factors, one wonders what beneficial help these children are receiving. As the numbers of children becoming victims of abuse are increasing, the valuable aspects of the child protection system are decreasing. Abuse and neglect are serious issues and impact children’s lives forever. The child protection system…show more content…
Buckner International is dedicated to transforming and restoring the multiple lives they serve daily. This organization strives to deliver redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable, and they provide many opportunities for the kids or adults to get the help they need. In Lubbock, Buckner provides training to either foster or adopt a child; campus foster homes at Buckner Children's Home; offer support through access to affordable housing, financial assistance, counseling, spiritual growth and case management services; and transition programs. While I was volunteering at Buckner, I was able to make the observation that the children who had been placed in the foster homes at Buckner longer were more social, but you could still see the pain and brokenness the children have experienced. I also got the opportunity to not only interact with the children but also learn some of their stories. I met a lot of different children that day, but two girls’ stories specifically stood out to me. The first girl was fourteen years old and had just recently been placed at Buckner. As I noticed the girl, she was sitting on her own and excluding herself from the other children. As I approached her and introduced myself to her, she kindly told me
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