Bucky: A Narrative Fiction

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— —— Bruce found Bucky rummaging around in the kitchen, he looked at him for a second confused. “Do you need help?” Bruce asked quietly trying not to startle him. Bucky still tensed. “Uh… No. I was looking for some stuff to make Steve but I guess we don’t have it. So I guess I’ll have to go out and get it…” Bucky had’t been grocery shopping in literal decades. “What are you looking for?” Bruce tried to help. “3 cloves of garlic, cayenne pepper, raw honey, and a mortar and pestle. I also need apple code vinegar.” Bucky was slightly uncomfortable, just general anxiety. He used to be good around other people… not so much any more. “Is Steve sick?” Bruce asked concerned. “Yeah, He’s got strep.” Bucky still didn’t look at him. That’s when…show more content…
The government had decided against prosecuting him, and deemed him the longest prisoner of war. That didn’t stop the media from freaking out over the mysterious soldier who looked exactly like James Buchanan Barnes. He was surprised at how many people took his side, even though they had no idea who he really was or where he was, Steve had fought for him and if Captain America deemed him innocent, the public did too. Bucky sighed and looked at the map on his phone, memorizing it immediately and putting it back in his pocket. He weaved his way through crowds of people, avoiding looking at anyone. He hated crowds they put his senses on high alert, and it was more than overwhelming. He tried to even his breathing, he had to do this for Steve. He was supposed to be strong, better than this. But without his programming, everything he was flu apart, and he was scared. But he had Steve, and that’s all he needed. He kept walking for bait until he arrived at the small health food store. He entered the building and was greeted, which he promptly…show more content…
He was very opposed to asking for help so he just walked in. He found the herbs and spices first. He grabbed the garlic and put 3 clove sin a plastic bag, next the cayenne pepper. He also found the honey in the same area. It was all this weird self serve labeling system. He grabbed a mortar and pestle that was near the spices and decided to look around. They had a bunch of weird fruit. What in gods name is a pumello? He came across some apricots, they were Steve’s favorite fruit. They were hard to come across in the war, so he grabbed a couple as a surprise for Steve. He wandered the the frozen section looking at all the gluten free
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