Bucky's Butchery Marketing Strategy

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The client, Bucky’s Butchery, requested the students of LSC 435 to create a marketing plan. This will help the transition into their new facilities and rebranding to Bray’s Meats. The mission of
Bray’s Meat stated by Dr. Jeff Sindelar was, “train the next generation of meat industry leaders with cutting edge insightfulness and technologies, support innovative research interests through interdisciplinary collaborative effects and provide outreach education to foster the production of wholesome meat products for the consuming public and the economic development of the meat industry,” (2016).

Groups eight, three and two provided a thorough marketing plan for the rebranding to Bray’s Meats. They clearly outline the mission and defined the four
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Group two successfully outlined the primary and secondary target market through their own research and from the information given by Dr. Sindelar. The research outlined each target market and even included visuals of the demographics. The target audience acknowledged would greatly benefit from their strategies and tactics. In group eight, their primary target audience of undergraduate and graduate students is currently not the primary target of Bucky’s Butchery and will likely not see significant growth even with the transition to the new facilities. Additionally, their secondary target market will not frequent the store enough to see progress in their goals (Johnson, Roe, Rathi, 2016). Between the primary and secondary audiences there will not be enough enough transactions to meet that specific goal. By conducting research and expanding the primary and secondary target markets that already frequent Bucky’s Butchery, they can utilize strategies and tactics to capture these…show more content…
Sindelar, however, are not feasible given the resources they highlighted in the budget. To successfully complete their social media goal to increase customer interactions by 100% (Burich, L, Lo, A, Wagner, E., 2016), they will want to utilize the tools of sponsored advertisements and boosting posts on Facebook. According to MozBlog, “Facebook ads are mega-awareness raising, have good targeting, require very little commitment, and are unbelievably affordable” (2016). This will in turn, support their strategies and tactics that encourage Facebook posts to engage consumers and customers. Group eight does a thorough job allowing each goal to be a SMART goal that can be achieved using their strategies and tactics.

All strategies aligned closely with the goals and had tactics that would allow for successful implantation in a realistic and achievable way. They were extraordinarily detailed and provided suggestions to complete each. Specifically, group two provides a detailed timeline that allows for implementation to both campus students and staff as well as community
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