Bud And Cynthia From Crosby Family Veronica Prado

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Bud and Cynthia from Crosby Family Veronica Prado 1. What should you teach Bud about this medication? Celebrex is used to manage pain and is for relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis. It decreases pain and inflammation caused by arthritis or spondylitis. I would teach him it can be taken without eating. I would tell the patient that they have to make sure they take the medication exactly as directed and not to take more than prescribed. I would teach him the signs and symptoms of the possible side effects that may occur when taking the drug such as, abdominal pain, black stools, or other abnormal GI symptoms that would indicate GI toxicity. 2. Are there any contraindications for this drug? Hypersensitivity, cross-sensitivity with other NSAID’s such as aspirin, history of allergic reactions, asthma, advanced renal disease, hepatic dysfunctions, perioperative pain. 3. What ADRs should Bud be alert for? He should be alert for myocardial infarction, stroke, thrombosis, GI bleeding, exfoliative dermatitis which is when the skin begin to slough off, stevens-johnson syndrome where the skin and mucous membrane becomes inflamed, and toxic epidermal necrolysis where the top of the skin begins to fall apart. 4. Bud asked if he could take aspirin with this medication. What would you tell him? No, because it may cause cross sensitivity with other NSAIDs. Also could increase the risk of GI problems. 5. Would your teaching be any different if Bud would have been prescribed

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