Bud And The Christmas Tree Chapter Summaries

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Bud and his friend, Bugs, are told by a caseworker at breakfast that they have found a foster home for them. When the boys groan the caseworker tells them, that the nation is in a depression and that it is lucky that they will have families. Bud was locked in a shed by his foster family. He mistakes a hornets nest for a vampire bat and strikes it with a rake, and gets stung many times. Bud runs away from his foster family, or as Bud says he is "on the lam". Bud walks to the library basement, but he finds that they are barred. Bud figures he can sleep under the Christmas tree. When Bud awakens, he runs to the missions to eat breakfast. When Bud gets there, a man tells him that he is too late. But another man tells him to go back on line with
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