Bud Is Resilient Analysis

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Bud is Resilient

Do you know what the word “resilient” means? It means that you're able to pick back up after a bad situation with ease. I believe that the character Bud from Bud, Not Buddy, if resilient. Here's why.

Firstly, bud explains that when he was six, his mother passed. Even though he was very young, he was able to move on. He never melted down, and was somehow able to easily talk about the tragedy to others.

Secondly, Bud creates more “family”. He and his best friend become “brothers”. Sadly, Bud is ripped from this family as well. Unexpectedly, he moves on without one tear in his eyes.

Lastly, time really impacts Bud. His mother passes, his secondary family is long gone, and after finding Herman, he isn't
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