Bud Not Buddy Essay

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Bud Caldwell is ten years old. At the age of six, Bud’s mother died. Bud lives in an orphanage, called the Home, since he does not have any family members to take care of him. When Bud heard he was going to live with the Amos, he wasn’t very excited. He heard that Mr. and Mrs. Amos’ son, Todd, was two years older than he is. Bud’s friend, Bugs, was going to live with a family that had three little girls. Bud would rather take Bugs’ new family than live with a twelve year old boy any day. Bud had a suitcase full of important things like a photo of his mother, rocks that his mother gave to him from different states and flyers that could lead Bud to his father (who he thought was Herman E. Calloway). The next morning after Bud arrived at…show more content…
The newspaper was taped in the inside, so Bud snuck out the shed and went inside the house. Right after pouring warm water on Todd’s bed and hiding the family’s shotgun, Bud grabbed his suitcase and headed for the local library. Bud remembered how his mother would read books to him before he went to bed. He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t. When Bud arrived at the library, he knew he was on the lam. He slept under one of the trees that were outside the library doors. Bud grabbed his blanket out his suit case and put it over his head. Bud decided to go to the mission to get some breakfast in the morning. He knew he would have to wake up extra early so he could get a good spot in line. Then, later he would go back to the mission for lunch. When Bud woke up, he swathe sun began to rise. Once he arrived at the mission, a big, tall man announced that the people before Bud were the last group of people to eat breakfast. Bud kept complaining and begged to eat breakfast, but the big man didn’t show any sympathy. The more Bud begged, the more he was pushing the big man’s buttons. Right when the man was about to hurt Bud, a family of four called Bud Clarence and pretended like he was a part of the family. So, Bud and his pretend family walked inside the mission. After the meal, Bud thanked his pretend family, and his pretend parents told him to come early next time. Then, Bud headed back

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