Bud Rules 63

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” (Charles Darwin). Bud’s rules not only help him survive, but as well as adapt to tight situations. Rules 63, 83, and 328 display his survival skills perfectly. Rule 63 assists Bud Caldwell in surviving by reminding him to be conscious to what you say. In one circumstance, Bud had accidentally called Herman E. Calloway a “mean, old coot”. Bud had suddenly realized his mistake and quickly tried to fix it. Bud also had awareness when he said sorry to Herman, as he saw that apologizing was the best way to avoid trouble in that situation. Caldwell has the mental capability to make rules for survival. Bud Caldwell uses rule 83 in order to be aware of his surrounding and realize that keywords may trigger certain events. For instance, when Bud’s mother had told Bud not to worry, it made him come to the impression that when adults say not to worry, worry. Bud also noticed Lefty Louis told him not to worry, which gave Bud a stronger questionability that if Louis was a vampire. Another sign of awareness was then Miss Thomas consoled Bud, he still felt uneasy. Bud uses rule 83 to his maximum capability.…show more content…
For example, on page 27, Bud faced a life or death situation of a bat inhabiting the shed with him. Bud had to hit the bat and kill it immediately. If Bud hesitated at that moment. the bat would’ve injured him. Correspondingly, Bud held no hesitance when trying to drive away from Lefty Louis. He got into position, pulled the gear drive, and left Louis with no second thoughts. Also, Bud had punched Todd, not thinking about the consequences. Bud utilizes rule 328 to recklessly push through problems. On multiple occasions, Bud Caldwell is able to display superb surviving skills due to his amazing rules of survival. Without these rules, Bud would have a challenging time surviving in the outside
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