Buddha Day And Dharma Day

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The Theravada Buddhist rituals of Buddha Day (Vesak), and Dharma Day highlight the importance of death and the path to reincarnation, as well as the importance of enlightenment and following the ways of Buddha. Vesak day celebrates the life and death of Buddha, and many actions will be performed, depending on what sect of Buddhism is celebrating. For example, Theravada Buddhists will ‘wash’ the statue of the baby Buddha, and Mahayana Buddhists will light lanterns and release them into the sky. This will be shown by the actions and values expressed in either rituals, as well as the teachings in the sacred texts of Theravada Buddhism.

Enlightenment, or ‘Awakening’, is an essential belief of Theravada Buddhism, as well as being the major goal of all Buddhists, regardless of denominations. Alan Peto, a student of many Buddhist sects, suggests that there is a concept in Buddhism in which what you know as ‘you’ or your ‘ego’ is just a mental fabrication (2017). He goes on to state that when “one reaches enlightenment, you recognise that seeing ‘you’ as a ‘separate self’ is an illusion” (2017). What this means, is that when one becomes enlightened, they see the world as it truly is, in our natural state, known as nirvana in Sanskrit, or ‘nibanna’, in Pali. The construct of your ‘ego’ being a mental fabrication, with said illusion only being broken through enlightenment displays a great emphasis on the Buddhist’s faith and belief in becoming enlightened . The original ‘Enlightened One’, The Buddha, said in one of his many teachings, “If a man can control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” As shown in what The Buddha has said, Enlightenment is a great achievement, and it yields great reward. This along with Alan Peto’s explanation show a great value towards enlightenment, seeing it as a key to true content.

In the Eight-Fold Path, a core teaching in the sacred texts of Theravada Buddhism and the Buddha’s teachings demonstrates the importance of meditation and its influence on becoming enlightened. The eighth teaching, Samma-Samadhi, is translated as meditation or full concentration. Evidently, this proves that meditation is key to becoming
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