Buddha was a Great Teacher, Christ is Our Eternal Lord Essay example

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Buddha was a Great Teacher, Christ is Our Eternal Lord

In Buddhism, one’s path to nirvana relies on the effort and discipline of the individual. By contrast, Jesus taught our goal is not a state of non-conscious being, but an eternal relationship with God. There is nothing one can do to earn a right relationship with God. Instead, we must receive His gift of grace, the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus Christ and this restores our relationship with our creator
     Almost all religions teach that a person's personality continues after death. In fact, many religious historians believe that this belief was the prime reason that motivated people to originally create religions. Christianity and Buddhism are no
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The Bible also teaches that in the eternal state, we are fully conscious and glorified individuals whose relationship with God comes to its perfect maturity.

      Jesus and Gautama
     “Scholars recognized the similarity in the stories of the births and life styles of Jesus and Buddha.”(www.hindunet.org). It was also noted that many of their teachings were parallel.There is much to admire in the life and teachings of Gautama. Studying the life and teachings of Gautama and of Jesus, we discover some dramatic differences;
     First, Buddha did not claim to be divine. Theravada remains true to his teaching that he was just a man. The idea that he was divine was developed in Mahayana Buddhism 700 years after his death. Furthermore, Northern Buddhism teaches that there have been other manifestations of the Buddha or bodhisattvas and some believe Jesus to be one as well. However, Jesus did not claim to be one of many manifestations of God; He claimed to be the one and only Son of God. This teaching was not the creation of his followers but a principle He taught from the beginning of His ministry. In fact, the salvation He preached was dependent on understanding His divine nature.

     Second, Buddha claimed to be a