Buddhism And Hinduism : Religion

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There are many religions in this world. Some followed by millions, and some followed by only hundreds, to those individuals who follow these religions, it can be the foundation for their entire life. Religion to most is what gets them out of bed in the morning. It is in their every decision, for example, some Christians ask themselves the question “What would Jesus do”, and this helps them in their daily decision making. Religion is a way of shaping and molding your life. As stated before, there are many religions. That also means there are many different beliefs and not all religions have things in common. Take Buddhism and Hinduism, nothing alike at its foundational beliefs, but are similar in some aspects. Buddhism at its foundation is a non-theistic religion following the teachings of one man and following his lifestyle, non-theistic meaning that they do not have a god. On the other hand Hinduism (depending on how some look at it), can either be monotheistic or polytheistic (for the sake of this essay it will be discussed as if it is polytheistic), meaning it has one god or multiple gods. There are seven dimensions of a religion and this essay will be comparing and talking about three parts of Hinduism and Buddhism. In this essay we will discuss and compare Hindu and Buddhist myths, rituals, and ethics. It shall go over what they believe and myths they discuss and have written down in their texts, ethics that followers go by in their everyday lives to achieve higher
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