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Gautama Buddha, previously known as Prince Siddhartha (before his enlightenment) founded the religion of Buddhism. Gautama Buddha was born to Queen Maha-Maya at Kapilavastu, Nepal, Indian. Buddha taught and organized the Sangha, monastic orders, until his death at Kusinagara, at the age of 80. There are 308,000,000 Buddhist devotees in the world today. They believe that there has been Buddha before Him; Bodhisattvas who come as Saviors of all and that all beings are Buddha whether they realize it or not.

There are 4 cardinal events in the life of Buddha that represents 4 major pilgrimage centers for Buddhists: His Birth at Kapilavastu, His Enlightenment at Bodhgaya, His First Sermon at Sarnath, and His Death at
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Four angels kept guard to ward off all harm from the Future Buddha and the Future Buddha’s mother.

After carrying the Future Buddha, for ten months, Queen Maha-Maya, was sent on her way, with great fan fare, to visit her kinsfolk in Devadaha. Between the two cities, in a pleasure grove of sal-trees, called Lumbini Grove, she decided to stop and give birth standing up. She reached to hold a branch, and immediately her pains came, while people hung a curtain around her. At that moment four pure-minded Maha-Brahma angels came bearing a golden net and received the Future Buddha on it and placed Him before his mother. Then they delivered Him to the four guardian angels, which delivered Him to men who received him on a coil of fine cloth and let Him unto the ground. Gods and men made offerings to him saying “Great Being! There is none your equal, much less your superior.” After Buddha has surveyed all the ten directions, he went forward followed by Maha-Brahma holding over him a white umbrella, Suyama bearing a fan and other divinities the other symbols of royalty in their hands.

Queen Maha-Maya tells the King Suddhodana of her dream of His Divine Birth. The king invited Brahamans to interpret the dream who said “ You will have a son. If he continues to live the household life, he will become a Universal Morarch; but if he leaves the household life and retires from the work, he will become a Buddha, and roll back the clouds of sin
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