Buddhism Is The Teaching Of Buddha

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Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order and its Los Angeles branch temple, Hsi Lai Temple practices Humanistic Buddhism. Humanistic Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha. It affirms that the Buddha was born into the human world, and was cultivated in this world. The difference is that Buddha was enlightened in this human world and he taught other human beings in this world how to reach Nirvana, the freedom from suffering, in this human world and not apart from it. Buddha taught others that it is through our humanity that Buddhahood, full enlightenment, will be attained. Buddhism says that “the Dharma is to be found in this world and not in another and to leave this human world to search for the Dharma is as futile as searching for a rabbit with horns.” Humanistic Buddhism teaches that you can fully live in this human world and practice Buddhism at the same time, the two are not separate and they support each other perfectly by cultivating the wisdom that clearly understands the true nature of the reality. Humanistic Buddhism is certainly not new, but Master Hsing Yun’s journey explains how it got here today.
Master Hsing Yun grew up in an impoverished, rural village with his family, but the influence of his maternal grandmother helped develop his compassionate and hardworking nature. While his family was out at work, he would do everything he could, including but not limited to tidying up the house, in the hopes of giving his parents a pleasant surprise when they got home. His hard work
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