Buddhism Pure Land Essay

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AO1: “Examine the distinctive features of Pure Land Buddhism” Pure Land Buddhism offers a way to enlightenment for people who can’t handle the subtleties of meditation, endure long rituals, or just live especially good lives. The essential practice in Pure Land Buddhism is the chanting of the name Amitabha Buddha with total concentration, trusting that one will reborn in Pure Land, where it is much easier for a being to work towards enlightenment. Pure Land Buddhism is particularly popular in China and Japan. Pure Land Buddhism as a school of Buddhist thinking began in India around the 2nd century BCE. Tan Luan was the first master of Pure Land lineage. He had his religious calling while recovering from a serious illness. He said he…show more content…
Honen popularised the chanting of ‘Namu Amida Butsu’. The result was a form of Buddhism accessible to anyone, even if they were illiterate or stupid. Honen didn’t simplify Buddhism through a patronising attitude to inferior people. He believed that most people, and he included himself, could not achieve liberation through any of their own activities. They only way to achieve Buddhahood was through the help of Amitabha. A century after Honen, one of his disciples Shinran brought a new understanding of Pure Land ideas. Shinran taught that what truly mattered was not the chanting but just said have faith in Amida – making it simpler, yet more strange. Chanting on its own had no value at all. AO2: “Pure Land Buddhism is the easy route/path of Buddhism” Assess this claim Pure Land Buddhism can be seen as both an easy and difficult path of Buddhism. Pure Land Buddhism can be seen as an easy route because Buddhists can get help to enlightenment and can still reach heaven if they have had a bad life by just reciting the name Amitabha with complete trust and sincerity. Pure Land also surrenders personal responsibility, which means they don’t have to go through the eightfold path or the Tibetan wheel of life meaning that it is simple. In addition, on a deathbed, a person can get transported to sukhavati heaven if they call out to Amitabha. It is easy to live a non moral life and then chant out
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