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How does Buddhism, through its teachings or practices best encourage its adherents to live out the golden rule?

For this religion project I decided to look more closely into the religion of Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion that has around 300 million people world wide of all nationalities, race, sexuality and gender following and practicing its teachings. Buddhism is a path of spiritual development leading to the insight and understanding of the true nature of reality. Buddhist practice things like meditation because they feel it’s a means of changing yourself in order to develop the qualities of wisdom, kindness, and awareness. Buddhism does not believe in worshipping a creator, a god. They do not believe people should look to gods to save them or bring them enlightenment. All Buddhist live by and follow what they call the five moral precepts. By following the 5 precepts, Buddhist feel it ensure the safety and security of everyone, it allows people to be fully responsible for their lives and live a life of peace and happiness. The first precept is based on compassion and prohibits killing, hurting and torturing. The second forbids stealing and actions supporting stealing. The third is meant as a guide against perverse sexual actions and unfaithfulness in marriage life. The fourth emphasizes truthfulness and telling false-hoods and the breaking of promises. The fifth is to prevent indulgence in intoxicants. Therefor if Buddhists follow these 5

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