Buddhism Speech Essay

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Today I am giving an informative speech on Buddhism. Now, "informative" is the key word here. I just want to reasure everyone that I am simply going to explain some of the philosophy of Buddhism. I am not, however, trying to sway your beliefs or views on life in ANY way. Instead, I'm going to share with you some of the basic things that I know, and however you choose to use the information, if at all, is totally up to you. In fact, one of the strongest beliefs of a Buddhist, is that their "way of life" is NEVER forced on anyone. To shove it down someones throught would contradict almost everything the Buddha had to say.

To start, I want to clear up some simple, misinterpretations that some of you may or may not have made, probobly
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In a nut shell, this means for all the things you do or intend to do, that are considered harmful to others, karma will balance it out in this or other lifetimes. This is also known as reincanation. Once fully enlightened (however many lifetimes it takes for karma to balance), one is liberated from rebirths, reaching a state of selflessness, resulting in an untimate bliss (what Buddhists call Nirvana) and one becomes Buddha, or "one with Buddha". Some Buddhists, especially modern western, dont emphasize or believe in rebirth.

People have free will to commit wrongs or rights. Evil doing may result when egoism, cravings, attachments, and ignorance are expressed as greed, hatred, and violence, which, if not realized, results in rebirth.
For a Buddhist, Enlightenment is an individual journey to Nirvana (or complete bliss)--liberation from suffering and cycles of rebirth. This is achieved by what Buddhists call the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. To eliminate karma, which causes rebirth, a person must extinguish the belief of the ego or "self" which create cravings, desires, and attachments. The path to enlightenment includes loving-kindness and compassion, moral conduct, clarity, wisdom, and meditation.
An Unenlightened life is considered suffering, and getting rid of this suffering is the primary goal of Buddhism--to reach Nirvana, and to end cycles of rebirth. Suffering is a result of past-life greed, hatred, and
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