Buddhism, Spiritual Wisdom, And Ontology Parts

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Buddhism,Transcendent Wisdom, and Ontology Parts Ontology is the theory of being. Ontology has one basic question "What is real?" Ontology seems to be wanting proof of what is, meaning in my mind through the examples in the book that their is no perfect or real circle. The radius will never be the exact same, the circle will always be lopsided, so the circle can only be imagined as the correct way and can never truly exist as a circle because a circle should be perfectly round and have exactly even radiuses. Materialism states that reality is essentially matter. Materialism to me is against what I believe because it says there is not use for intelligence, purpose, or causes. I believe that intelligence and purpose exist. I believe materialism and matter are not the truth of reality.

Idealism is the belief that most real entities are ideas and other immaterial entities. I believe in idealism because I believe in things that cannot be proven or touched by the senses. I believe in the ideals of religion, beauty, intelligence, and knowledge which are only proven through idealism without it these could not exist.

Pragmatism is the belief that what is real is what works and predicts what is likely to happen next. Pragmatism is not about how things actually are or how really real they are like most other parts of ontology like idealism and materialism it is about how things work and predict what is likely to happen. This means to me that it does not matter the the

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