Buddhism, The, And The Creator And Founder Of This Complex Religion

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Buddhism being very sophisticated, Westerners often struggle to understand this complex religion.
Buddhism is known as the stress free, no strings attached religion with few to no rules. Although the journey to become enlightened and reach Nirvana can deem to be a difficult path, Buddhism provides sacred texts and stories to help provide examples in assisting those wanting reach this goal. However to help guide those who choose to become buddhist will be assisted with this journey through sacred texts and storied. Rules and example paths that they can follow the story of Siddhartha Gautama assist with reaching the enlightened state.

For a Buddhist to be able to fully understand Buddhism it is essential to understand the story of the life of the creator and founder of this complex religion. The Buddha’s birth name was Siddhartha Gautama and he was born as an Indian prince. Gautama was well protected from the poverty and sickness throughout India and was rather surrounded by riches. However at the age of twenty nine Gautama ventured outside of the palace walls and encountered four men; a frail old man, a desperately ill man, a corpse and a Hindu ascetic; guru (Dickson J, 2004). The sacred story of the Buddha’s life, is a path for those wanting to become enlightened and reach nirvana.
“Alas , living beings wear themselves out in vain! Over and over again they are born, they age, die, pass on to a new . life, and are reborn! What is more, greed and dark delusion

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