Buddhism, The Eightfold Path, Nirvana, And The Wheel Of Dharma

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I was born in Nepal, and I lived there for the first twelve years of my life. While there, I went to school and studied Buddhism. I learned about his life and the philosophies he kept and practiced. Also, I learned that he was a great leader with great ideas. Some of these ideas are the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold path, Nirvana, fundamental wisdoms, the theory of karma and rebirth, the five precepts, and the Wheel of Dharma. These have influenced many people over the past twenty-five centuries. I learned about his great achievement and how he was able to create a whole new religion. Through influencing many people with his unique practices and philosophy, Buddhism has become the fourth largest religion in the world. From living in Nepal and studying Buddhism there, I learned firsthand that he is a great religious leader who left a legacy not just on Nepalese culture, but on the whole world.
Buddhism was founded by a man named Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in the fifth century BC, in Nepal, where I was raised. To be more specific he was born in an eminent garden of Lumbini which was soon elevated to a place of pilgrimage. Even then it wasn’t sure that he was really born in Lumbini, it was a traditional belief. No one is sure of the Buddha’s actual birthplace. However, evidence indicates that he was born at Lumbini (Irons). This was proven by the memorial pillars there, which were created by Indian emperor Ashoka in the third century BC. These pillars

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