Buddhism : The Four Noble Truths

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Originated in India from Siddhartha Gautama, a religion that encompass a variety of beliefs, spiritual practices, and traditions, Buddhism. Some of the spiritual practice of Buddhism have largely based teachings today across the world. The teachings consisted of “The Eightfold Paths,” “The Four Noble Truths” and some other breathings or meditations. The religion has taught their followers to shadow their own journey in order to assist them in their own lightning way. Some of the practice teachings include meditation and breathing exercise, and chant. Buddhism is a religion that has been around for centuries. Religion can be greatly influenced by its surroundings and political ramifications. Most religions start with a founder whose life, struggles and personality attract followers. The leader presents broad ranging principles that set rules for a moral and good life; social norms and guidelines for creating a strong, peaceful and healthy society. (OUR social Norms Buddhism article) In early life, Siddhartha Gautama found his way to being the awakening one through an enlighten experience. As a young child, he lost his mother after “taking his first breaths” into the world. “Shortly after, a soothsayer had prophesied that he would be great in either politics or religion, therefore his father went to great lengths to shield his son from anything that can corrupt his soul. After, Siddhartha Gautama became older, he went on a quest to see the world and on that journey
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