Buddhism : The Major Religions Of The World

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After learning about the major religions of the world, Buddhism seems to be the most relevant for someone living in western society. While many religions are considered monotheistic, with an all knowing powerful god to worship, Buddhism doesn’t put one god high up on the altar, in fact the focus in this religion seems to be more spiritual. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. It was founded in India over two hundred thousand years ago by Siddhartha Gautama (later known as the Buddha). Siddhartha, a prince, was born in a place called Lumino in Northern India. According to the story, as a child Siddhartha “was raised in the lap of luxury, with fine clothes, white umbrellas for shade, perfumes, cosmetics, a mansion for each season, the company of female musicians and a harem of dancing girls” (Living Religions, Pg. 138), however with a life of ease, he was not convinced of its value. “Channa, for countless ages I have enjoyed sensual objects of sight, sound, color, flavor, and touch, in all their varieties; But they have not made me happy…Realizing this, I will embark on the raft of dharma, which is steadfast, endowed with the range of austerities, good conduct, equanimity, effort, strength, and generosity” (The Life of The Buddha, Pg. 89). Siddhartha then decided to follow this spiritual path away from his lavish lifestyle. From there, Siddartha rose to become the “Awakened One,” or better known today as “Buddha.” Another quote that speaks volumes of…
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