Buddhism Vs Hinduism : Hinduism

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Taylor Winchester
HST 203- 05

Taylor Winchester
Professor Warber
HST 203
October 24, 2015
Buddhism vs. Hinduism According to the book, The Religion of the Hindus, Hinduism is the third oldest world religion that has approximately 300 million followers, most of which live in India. The holy language of Hinduism is the Sanskrit language. Hinduism is considered a religion versus a philosophy. There is no specific founder for Hinduism; however, it is closely related the customs and manner of Hindus, making it rather challenging to distinguish its essential properties from mythology and folklore. (Morgan, 3) Hinduism by Axel Michaels states that the term “Hindu” originated from the Persians whom were living on the Indus River; The Indus Valley contained over 40,000 residents’ irrigation systems, houses and fortress of barred shaped bricks as well as paved streets (Michaels, 31). Here is where non-Muslim population began using the word “Hindu”. Europeans followed up with this practice. One is considered a Hindu once he or she is born in India and behaves like an Hindu if one does not publicly identify oneself as a Christian or a Muslim. Thus explaining why converting to Hinduism is not possible, especially due to the polygamy of the Muslims and constant depletion of Hinduism is forecast (Michaels, 14). Hinduism withholds several deities, religious beliefs and practices that define its culture. One does not have to be a Hindu by natural birth in order to
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