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Buddhism in China Between the third and ninth centuries C.E. China underwent a number of changes in its cultural makeup. Foremost amongst them was the adoption of Buddhist religious practices. I must stress that this was not a formal or universal change in religion but a slow integration of a system that permitted adaptation of its own form to promote acceptance as long as the fundamental theories and practices remained the same, unlike most religions. Buddhism worked its way into the court and decision makers of the Chinese state and that was the major sticking point for the religion in China. For Buddhism to be accepted the Emperor would have to condone it and at least offer his acceptance of it. Without imperial…show more content…
The emperor of China was, throughout the course of Buddhism’s introduction to China, reluctant to accept it as an officially sanctioned religion as the tenants of the religion have the ability to be taken as believing in the reducing of the power of the head of state to a subservient position to the religion. This was a major problem as the pre-existing religion, Confucism, had as one of its tenants strict loyalty to the emperor. This loyalty aspect of Confucism granted the emperor a divine claim of authorization for his power and use of it. The main sticking point that Buddhism had to get past to be openly accepted in China was the emperor. He controlled the flow of information from outside sources into the areas where people would be willing to accept new thoughts and beliefs. The court officials were similar in position towards Buddhism as the emperor was due to the close relationship between his power and theirs. However, as the people whom implement the policies of the emperor they are also very important to the spread of the religion. In their capacity they have the ability to hinder the spread and to wrongfully use their power to arrest and cripple the religion. This hindering may be against the emperors wishes but with such a vast political structure the

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