Buddhism in Vietnam Essay

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Buddhism in Vietnam The Vietnamese people have said to have first appeared in the Christian era, because the religion that was first adapted was Christianity. This would explain why the Vietnamese people are such religious people. But it does not really explain there major religion change to Buddhism, because Buddhism is really not a religion that is native to Vietnam. Buddhism my be one of the most known religions in the world by name, but not by what is actually involved in it. Christine the girl that I interview said “that many people think that the religion is a cult but she says that it is anything but what would be classified as a cult to Americans (Eng).” ‘“Historically, Buddhism played a significant role in the definition…show more content…
Buddhism was at the highest between the eleventh and the fifteenth centuries. Countless times Buddhism has given many societies the answers that they were looking for in political and social questions. Buddhism still today offers support form the invasion of western ideas. Even though Buddhism has always been big in Vietnam you will only now mainly see it when the country is going through difficult times. ‘“According to Buddhist thought, human salvation lies in discovering the “four truths” – that man is born to suffer in successive lives, that the cause of the suffering is man’s craving for earthly pleasures and possessions, that the suffering ceases upon his deliverance from his craving, and that he achieves this deliverance by following “the noble eightfold path (Buddhism 1987).”’ Buddhism is something that is known by the Vietnamese as a use of escape from reality, and this mainly because it is known to relate to all. ‘“Buddhism was all about “All Men are Equal” as opposed to the strict hierarchical structure of Confucianism (Vietnamese Buddhism).”’ ‘“It’s distinctive feature is that it rejects the search for the truth in the scared text: “Man immediately recognizes in his own heart the true heart of Buddha”, the absolute substance of all beings. For those who, thus change within themselves, become conscious of their unity with Buddha, for those who manage to understand that the
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