Buddhism 's Belief Of God

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Buddhism hope to its adherents is to have a state of life in the afterlife where each individual can find his own way. They identifies their existence as god-like beings, who do not believe in an omnipotent creator God. Each individual discover and walk their own path. Nonetheless, Buddhism is not divine it just points the way to Nirvana. In the Buddhism religion they do not personally believe in God or a divine being. They do not worship, pray, or praise a divine being. Though the religion does not have any reference to God, it offers improvement to one’s state of life. The religion does not consider the existence of God or have a relationship with God, however it points the right way to escape suffering and attain enlightenment.
The worldview of Buddhism is not to be called a religion due to religion being a set of beliefs. In Buddhism they prefer to speak of “the Way of the Buddha”, they do not consider being a faith because it is not believed in. Buddhism follows teachings and practices that are tested which allows and individual to recognize by showing truth, reality and the way things are in the world.
Hinduism is not considered to be a religion of creed and doctrine. It begun in 1500 BC as a polytheistic and ritualistic religion. Moreover it has no specific origin or specific founder. The religion sacred text is Sanatan Dharma, which is “The Eternal Teachings”. Hinduism does not have a unified doctrine, however it incorporates many different religious doctrines,…
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