Buddhist Buddhism And Food Of Buddhism

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Buddhist Vegetarianism and Foods
In China, Buddhism is an ancient religion with numerous followers. Vegetarians are generally regarded as Buddhists because people know that Buddhism is a religion that prohibits eating meat. Buddhism originated in ancient India, which found by a prince of realm called Gautama Buddha in three thousand years ago. (Henry, 2012) It spread to China in the Western Han Dynasty. It not only brought a new religion for China, but also had a profound impact on the vegetarian culture at that time. We will describe the relationship between the Buddhism and its vegetarian culture through food varieties of vegetarian diet, dishes, and the benefits to the human body.
Food varieties of Buddhist Vegetarianism
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Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism believes that Buddhists should not eat any meat and even five vegetables with pungent flavour. These are garlic, alllium bakeri, asafetida, shallot, welsh onion. They all belong to allioideae family, which contain allicin. These plant will release nitrous oxide that make blood vessels to dilate and relax smooth muscle, which enhances sexual desire when people consume them. That is the main reason Mahayana Buddhism ban them because its effects have conflict with Buddhism’s rule. Buddhism in China is also one of the branch of Mahayana Buddhism. It considers allowing to eat dairy product, but not wine. (Gunasekara)
Devadatta. Devedatta first advocated pure vegetarian in the history of Buddhism, he argued that Buddhism should not eat any meat, fish, milk and salt. This is similar to the Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. (Gunasekara)
Development of vegetarian dishes
Chinese Buddhism did not completely ban eating meat completely until Emperor Wu of Liang ordered that the monks must stop eating meat, including three clean meat. He also set a decree to ensure the monks to follow it strictly. We can learn from some ancient Chinese books like Qimin Yaoshu, the vegetarian diet in ancient times had been very popular. There were already some special restaurants that serve vegetarian diets. Vegetarian dishes can roughly be divided into three categories since Qing dynasty.

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