Buddhist Meditation Center On Buddhism

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I took the opportunity to visit Karma Thegsum Choling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center (KTC), located at 1000 Armeda Ave, Irving, TX 75061. The meditation center had recently moved from their Dallas location to Irving. After going through the course material on Buddhism, it got me curious to learn more about the culture, experience live worship ritual, meditation, and architecture of the temple. To understand the religion and culture better, I requested a friend of mine to visit the temple along with me. Since he practices Buddhism and also is a Tibetan, he acted as a personal guide during my visit to the meditation center. With little knowledge about Buddhism, he helped me understand the meaning of different symbols, prayer flags, meditation techniques, and rituals.
The meditation center sits on a two acre land with two buildings on it. The history of KTC dates back to 1980 where it was initially formed by a group of individuals who were interested in Tibetan Buddhism (Lama Dudjom Dorjee). With no organizational name and a proper place for meditation, the group practice was conducted at the members ' home and rental space. The official formation of the KTC was authorized by Kheno Karthar Rinpoche, a senior Lama of Karma Kagyu Lineage (KTC Dallas ORG). The KTC Dallas was officially incorporated in 1990 as an affiliate center of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTC Dallas Org). After selling their building in Oak Cliff, which served their purpose for two years, the organization…
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