Buddhist People View Life And The World

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Whether it was the beliefs, or how their people carried themselves that attracted you to the religion you currently believe in, something caught your attention and in turn you got curious. People worldwide always want something to believe in, and a sense of purpose which they have a tendency to find in one of the collections of religion. Then the religion isn 't just a believe but rather a way of life. The religion that we are going to be exploring and know the way of their life is Buddhism. Now whether you think of the Bodhi tree, the chubby man statue or the lotus flower when you hear about the religion of Buddhism just know that there is so much more to this religion then these symbols. In this essay I’m going to be discussing the many aspects that make up this religion in order to understand the main concepts of Buddhism. For starters, we are going to learn about how Buddhist people view life and the world. Buddhist doesn’t have the full understanding of birth and death, but they believe that if you follow the Buddha that you will have better insight on the human existence. They consider that Saṃsāra a major part of their religion, Merriam-Webster defines it as the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma. This is referring to the cycle of rebirth over and over again within the six realms of existence. They also believe in karma determining how your life will end up. They think that your environment, heredity and karma are the reasons for…
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