Buddhist Teachings In Canada

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Buddhist teachings and tradition strongly emphasize the ideas of virtue, kindness and compassion. These ideals are at the core of Buddhist tradition and they exemplify ‘right’ ways of living in relation to building a better future and after life. Buddhist teachings can also offer us a lot of insight into the current Refugee Crisis, and provide us with salient understandings and conceptions of how to directly deal with the influx of refugees from a moral and virtuous center. In regards to the responses that both Canada and the USA have taken, Buddhist teachings can shed light onto how these approaches are both good and bad, in their own respects.
Buddhist teachings have a high regard for human rights and can offer us insight into how to
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It is clear that they can, as it is signified in the approach that Canada has taken to the refugee crisis. These teachings provide an outlook on how simple ignorance and dogmatism are at the root of much human suffering (Harvey, Pg. 283), while still maintaining an emphasis on loving-kindness and compassion (Harvey, Pg. 249), and complete non-violence of any sort (Harvey, Pg. 249). Thus, Buddhist teachings are completely warranted and practical in addressing the refugee crisis, and they provide a level of analysis that places humans first and the bureaucracy of the state second. Therefore, it is clear that Buddhist teachings can in fact thrive in a multi-cultural society like Canada, as its teachings provide a unique outlook on society, in which others needs are placed before ones own. Buddhism also places high priority on doing good to others, and not providing room for discrimination on the basis of who people may be. In addition, we can already see a large amount of Buddhist teachings already manifesting in society, proving its ability not only to apply to various controversial issues in Canada, but also in how society can learn from and directly incorporate these outlooks to better themselves and humanity as a…show more content…
Buddhist teachings can help remedy this by ensuring the humanitarian needs are put first, and that compassion and kindness address these situations rather than fear and violence. This is made clear by understanding how Canada and the USA have taken different approaches to the crisis, one mirroring more Buddhist ideals, and one not. It is also clear that Buddhist teachings are practical in society and they can thrive and provide new levels of analysis to multicultural societies such as
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