Buddy Reader Essay

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Buddy Reader Overall, I have really enjoyed taking part in the Vancouver Public Library’s Reading Buddies program. While volunteering for this program, I have only had good experiences so far. I like the environment because the kids are actually very well behaved and enjoy being there, which makes it enjoyable for the volunteers as well. On the first day I was there I was paired up with another volunteer to be partners with a girl, but then Olivia began struggling with her buddy, James, because he was only four years old. The people in charge of the program asked for someone to help Olivia out, so I volunteered to help her. They had also told me that he was partly deaf so he needed someone with a loud voice. Also, I began to…show more content…
By the end of that day for volunteering, he had already begun reading and enjoying himself. When I came back the next time, I was told that he dropped the program, so I was paired up with a new buddy named Jerry who is my current buddy. We are given time to talk to our buddies during snack time at the beginning of the programs time schedule each day. Sometimes my buddy tells me stories during this time, but he usually likes to start reading right away. It shows that he really does enjoy reading with me and I’m lucky because I’ve seen some other buddies who refuse to read and would rather do craft activities instead. Reflections on Buddy Reading: A Focus on Jerry I have learned many new things about my buddy, Jerry, during this volunteer experience. I learnt that Jerry has one brother, was born on October 28th, likes the colour red, wants a pet porcupine and he likes to play video games. At first I thought he was a bit shy, but it turns out he isn’t at all and he just needs a bit of time to open up to being in a new environment. I have
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